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Long Distance Phone Services

Finding the right long distance phone service is made easy by White Eagles Telecom. To find the best rates for the country of your interest visit our international calling rates page and you will be able to see different calling prices when calling long distance. Here are some of the ways you can bridge the distance between you and the loved ones who live overseas:

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International Calling Rates

Many companies around the United State require you to pay a sign up fee in order to start receiving your long distance phone service. With White Eagle Telecom, there is no sign up fee or any other hidden fees associated with your account. It is very simple, talk as long as you like and the rate of the first minute will be the same as the rate of the last minute. When talking with loved ones overseas, you should not have to worry about making your conversations short because of the increasing rate per each minute. Long distance should be treated like it and not a 5 minute phone call.

These days many people are looking for cheap international phone calls due to the economy we live in. White Eagle Telecom is dedicated to working with our customers to bring you long distance phone service at the most competitive prices around the United States. We will continue working on our long distance plans and keep improving our international calling rates. Call us today 1-800-754-6230 and ask about our plans and prices. The distance between you and loved ones is a phone call away!